Sightseeing IOANNINA

Ioannina Sightseeing

The Ioannina Castle

The City’s castle embodies centuries of myths, intrigues and cultural developments . Its walls encircle the old town. Inside you will find 2 mosques(not operating) and plenty of museums such as the Byzantino and the Museum of Weaponry. Finish your visit with a cup of coffee at the Its-Kale enjoying the view of the serene lake with the imposing Mitsikeli mountain range in the background. Alternatively, you can stroll through the streets of the old town of Ioannina and enjoy its famous spoon sweets at a picturesque cafe or relax at the fashionable cafes by the lake.

The Mosques

Relics of a distant conflicted past, the mosques nowadays act as social and religious museums. As you stroll through and examine them, the mosques will retell the lives of the oppressors and oppressed and showcase the role of religion in defining their society.

The War Sculptures Museum

14 km down the Ethniki Highway between the Ioannina-Athens direction near the town of Bizani, you will find the museum of war sculptures, hosting the works of the sculptor Paulou Vrelli. One of the largest and most impressive museums of Greece, Mr. Vrelli reenacts the three most turbulent times of the Greek state: the pre-revolutionary period, the events of 1821 and the Second World War. Visitors recall being gripped by the intensity and the pathos conveyed by the reenactments, a testament to Mr. Vrelli’s artistry.

The Cave of  Perama

Just 4 km away from the city of Ioannina towards the northwest side of the river Pamvotivas in the road heading for Metsovo-Trikala , you will find the village Perama .There, you will find the cave Spilaio Peramatos . With a length of 1500 meters lasting around 45 minutes you are guaranteed to be impressed by the otherworldly landscape fashioned by stalagmites and stalactites. The 1.500.000 age old grotto is considered one of the finest of its kind.


Another impressive cave. Discovered in the 1960s the Anemotripa cave is famous for awing visitors. Immediately upon entering visitors are confronted by an impressive array of stalactites. Towards the end, the cave widens in breadth and ends in a striking waterfall.