Use the hotel’s advantageous position to your benefit and enhance your stay by visiting the following locations


Ioannina is the capital of the region of Epirus. It is a city with a rich historical background and complex culture having been a city of merchants but also a cultural crossroad between the west and the east. A defining landmark of the city is the lake Pamvotis renowned for enchanting visitors with its natural beauty. Visitors are also impressed by the vibrant nightlife of Ioannina fueled by the many universities present and the cities’ cosmopolitan air. Ioannina is conveniently situated near key touristic areas such as Zagoroxoria, Metsovo , Tzoumerka and Vikos.


The Zagoroxoria are one of the most renowned areas of the province of Ioannina. Scattered throughout the northeast of the city , the are of Zagoroxoria is constitued of 46 villages. Many who visit the province recall Zagoroxoria as the most memorable moment of their stay. This is due to its picturesque looks which blend tradition, natural beauty and a distinctive architecture. For the gourmet, trying the local cuisine is a must, especially their pies. Finally, your visit is not over until you check out the magnificent view from the Vikos gorge offering breathtaking vistas and fantastic photo opportunities.


Metsovo is one of the most scenic areas a visitor in Ioannnina could visit and is definitely worth doing. Entrancing landscapes and the abundant verdure will make you forget about modernity , at least for a moment . Worth visiting in that area is the gallery of Euagellos Averof a renowned artist whose portofolio is a testaments of the areas cultural significance. However, during the winter the main attraction of Metsovo is the ski resort where guests can practice either ski or snowboard and even lease a snowmobile in order to explore unconventionally this beautiful area.


A collection of impressive , traditional villages surrounded by mountains and cliffs. The crystal clear rivers , the stone bridges and the imposing churches create an utopian image divorced from the strains of modernity. The Moni Kipinas is the most impressive monastery of the region since standing right on the edge of a rock with the only way to acess the monastery being from a hanging bridge.


It is worth your time to visit in the western part of Zagori the village Vikos , built on the edge of a cliff , every visitor is awed by the stunning view.